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The Trial Hike

The Trial Hike

I will be forever grateful for my very trusting friends who came on the “guinea pig hike” with me.  Bec, Gabe and Hannah risked all to be part of Trek West history.  Hannah was our official photographer who did an amazing job carrying her 1 tonne camera bag,  hiking the 66 km trail while sporting grape size blisters on her poor little toes and she still managed to produce these beautiful photos.  Visit Hannah’s Website and Facebook page to see her beautiful photography.

Bec was our foodie girl and served us gourmet meals along the way.  We ate like queens and were amazed at each meal time by her wonderful cooking and meal plan. Bec also has a love for photography and has been taking spectacular photos of Herbertvale over the past few years – you can check out her images on her Rural Heart Photography page.

Last but certainly not least the lovely Gabe had so many words of wisdom for me and was the logistics lady, she had so many good ideas on how to or not to tackle some of the problems we faced along the way.

We had such a memorable few days of hiking and telling yarns, we solved the problems of the world and had many funny moments which we will share forever. Thank you again to these 3 beautiful ladies for their friendship and for coming along and giving me the confidence and support to continue on with my new venture.