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2022 Bookings are now open, get in early to avoid missing out on this spectacular adventure.

2021 Hike Dates –  Fully Booked


2022 Hike Dates

3rd – 7th May                 Stockcamp Hike (SC1)      fully booked

10th – 14th May            Crooked Compass – bookings through   Culturally Immersive Small Group Tours – Crooked Compass (     

24th – 29th May            Big Loop Hike (BL1)          fully booked

7th – 11th June              Stockcamp Hike (SC3)       fully booked

14th – 19th June            Big Loop Hike (BL2)              8 Places available

28th June – 2nd July          Stockcamp Hike (SC4)     8 places available

5th – 9th July                    Stockcamp Hike (SC5)      8 places available

12th – 16th July                Stockcamp Hike (SC6)     fully booked

26th – 31st July             Big Loop Hike (BL4)          3 places available 

2nd – 6th August          Crooked Compass – bookings through  Culturally Immersive Small Group Tours – Crooked Compass (      

9th – 13th August        Stockcamp Hike (SC8)      fully booked


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