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Thank you Shelly & Crew for an amazing experience.  The landscape, the hikes, and wonderful hospitality.  I felt like we were staying with friends.  Thank you for going out of your way to cater for our every need and allowing us to share your stunning property.  Loved the experience, blisters and all.

Bev Quinn The Big Loop 2019

What a wonderful thing you have instigated here – I’m excited that I can now say that I’m one of Shelly’s trekkers!!   Your thoughtfulness, attention to detail and hospitality, mixed with the absolutely stunning landscape have given me a wonderful experience I wont forget.

Sally Gall The Big Loop 2019

As the sign says “Relax, Refresh & Recharge”  exactly how I feel!! Many thanks Shell & Tilly for a fabulous break and for sharing your beautiful part of the world.  I can understand now why Paul & Joy love coming up here.

Bid McClymont Stockcamp Hike 2019

Wow a thousand times over!!!  When I left Brisbane to come on this wonderful 5 day experience all of my city friends said “Judy you camping!”  This is not camping, it is GLAMPING.  All the wonderful personal touches from our amazing tents to Tilly’s wonderful restaurant services, be it at the Stockcamp of by a waterhole, and the treks so great.  It has just been such a great experience over all. Many, many thanks for your wonderful hospitality – I will be back.

Judy Rankin The Stock Camp Hike June 2019

Thanks so much for your hard work, and patience and for sharing your wonderful knowledge.  We have been so well looked after, with gourmet food, unbelievably beautiful tents and beds, hot showers and fabulous adventures.  Much appreciated

Carmel Charles Stockcamp Hike

Thank you for the beautiful care you have given us this week.  Thank you for sharing your amazing world with us, I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Kathryn Ingold The Stockcamp Hike

I can’t thank you enough for giving me this adventure.  I have never experienced such beauty and peacefulness.  To experience this with a great group of friends makes it even more special.  Thank you again.

Cate Power Stockcamp Hike

I have run out of superlatives before I start.  We have had just the best week.  In some respects it was like “coming home” to some of the spots of my youth.  So well planned and thank also to Tilly for her great contribution.  I could say more but the best compliment I can give you is to tell you I’ll be back.  Loved it!!

Lindsay Allan Stockcamp Hike July 2018

A week of varied activities to keep the mind, body and soul in top condition.   The sunrises and sunsets magnificent.  The landscape varied and so beautiful.  The history of the country quite fascinating and the evidence still seen.  Cap all of this with a quite wine around the fire in the evenings and a beautiful meal and delightful company.

Mary Ranclaud Stockcamp Hike July 2018

We have just returned from the most amazing experience ever “The Stock Camp Trek” on Herbertvale Station. We had four nights at The Stock Camp which was glamping at its finest – spacious Bell Tents, flushing toilet and a hot shower!

Our days were filled trekking and exploring this magnificent part of the world – landscapes, gorges, open plains each and every direction a symphony for the eyes. It was also fascinating to talking to Shelly and Tilly and learning about life on the land. I will now look at a steak on the supermarket shelf a different way – I’ll see the steak and now know the story behind it.

One absolute hands down highlight was walking into The Lost City.
Historians, geologists, scientists, archaeologists and palaeontologists please take a deep breath….. a really really deep breath – It was part of an inland sea and is over 530 million years old. I can barely fathom that number as I say it and then type it! It was jaw dropping awe inspiring to walk amongst a history that was home to the trilobites.

All of the meals were delicious and plentiful. Sunset drinks on our first night was spectacular – beautiful cheese platter and plenty of champagne whilst watching the most magnificent sun set! Our last night’s meal at The Stock Camp was a steak, from Herbertvale Station, cooked on hot plate over a roaring fire. Mouth watering, delicious and a great finale to a wonderful four days!

Thank you Shelly and Tilly for being absolutely fabulous hosts and making the “Stock Camp Trek” and the “Long Lunch” such a memorable experience and one we will all never forget.


Sally, Jane, Maz & Jill – Apollo Bay The Stock Camp Hike August 2019

A big thanks for an amazing experience, you have delivered beyond expectations.  I have really enjoyed the space, the environment, the stillness, the food and the great company.  We leave here as a tribe and we met as strangers only a few days ago.  Keep up the good work and be proud of what you have created.

Tamara Olley The Big Loop - Hub Hike 2018

You have delivered a trek that I will hold dear to my heart for a long, long time. Your attention to detail has made my camping experience nothing short of amazing.  The stars, the campfire, the cool drinks, the warm face washers in the morning, the amazing food and the WOW of arriving at the Stockcamp. You have all generously shared your time, knowledge and a snippet of your everyday life with me and I thank you for this.

Ainsley McArthur The Big Loop - Hub Hike 2018

Shelly, Tilly & the team at Herbertvale Station, thank you for welcoming us so warmly into your home and country.  Everything at Trek West is spot on and I couldn’t fault anything, keep doing what you are doing because you are fabulous at it.

Wendy Mort – Toowoomba Wellness Adventures Retreat - Stockcamp May 2018

Thank you for the most amazing experience of Herbertvale Station. Your attention to detail for our comfort and food was 15/10!

Rosanne Rowe Wellness Adventures Retreat - Stockcamp May 2018

Thank you Shelly, Tilly, Pete and Liz for a job well done! You’ve done a wonderful lot of hard work to give us a great experience on your beautiful property, Herbertvale. Your attention to detail was very much appreciated: Crabtree and Evelyn citron soap “and” lotion, pristine white towels, cold cold soda water and lemon, very comfy air-beds and tents, meals and glamorously laid dinner tables every night. We were the kings and queens of your grass castle.

Thank you, we will be back.

Geoff and Narelle Ryan Beaudesert QLD - Big Loop (May 2018)

An amazing trek with beautiful touches.  Well above my expectations! A huge thank you to Shelly & the girls.  10 out of 10.

Mym Daley “Waterview” Injune Qld The Big Loop 2017

What a great Trek West it has been! I have ticked the box! 76km of walking, powering on with lovely friends and conversations, so many laughs, good food, spectacular scenery, nice wine, beautiful dinner settings.  So exciting!  I will never forget The Big Loop.  Keep up the excellent work – It’s a winner!

Christine Kirby “Lochington” Springsure Qld The Big Loop - Joys Fitness Hub Hike 2017

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!! Shelly you have an amazing affinity and appreciation for this country – your enthusiasm is infectious!! It is undoubtedly beautiful country! It has been an amazing experience to share the challenge of this trek and be spoilt with such incredible hospitality.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you all and for looking after us so well – The Big Loop 2017!!!

Annie Donoghue “Baradoo” Bauhinia Qld The Big Loop Trail 2017

Thank you Shelly and girls for an amazing experience.  I didn’t really have an expectation – but it has been amazing.  Such a vast difference to what I’m used to and the variety of landscapes and experiences has created memories that “our group” will cherish.  The attention to details – table clothes, hand towels etc. have added a special touch and the food was truly outstanding.  Thank you seems inadequate, it has been AMAZING!!

Cathy Hoare “Rockview” Bluff Qld The Big Loop Trail 2017

The first Trek West Big Loop Hike was awesome.  Great organisation and attention to detail.  The scenery, geology and landscape totally different and interesting.  At age 65 it was great to walk The Big Loop Trail and enjoy the great company and the challenge of walking the distance.

Leslie Blackburn “Tillaloo” Garah NSW The Big Loop Trail - Joy's Fitness Hub Hike 2017

Congratulations on hosting your first trek!! It has been fantastic.  The landscape has been impressive, the food has been amazing, best of all your attention to detail has blown me away. The washers, linen tablecloths, table decorations etc.  The size of the group spot on. Well done and thanks to you Shelly and your fabulous offsiders.

Louise Martin “Macfarlane” Tambo Qld The maiden voyage - The Big Loop Hike 2017

Knocked my socks off! What a terrific mind escape in a vast, ancient and beautiful landscape.  The camaraderie of companionship was just brilliant, a credit to the structure of the trek.  All the finer details – refreshing face clothes, fine champagne, white linen tablecloths and nutritious meals topped off each stage of the trek.  AMAZING!!!

Joy McClymont “Dalkeith” Longreach Qld Fitness Hub Hike 2017